Thrifty Thursday: The Five Dollar Savings Plan

The Five Dollar Savings Plan:

Step 1-Find a jar, shoe box, etc.

Step 2-Every time you have a $5 bill, place said bill into chosen jar, shoe box, etc. Again, no spending of a five dollar bill, save it!

Step 3-Have bunches of money saved up after doing so for a year-treat yourself to a nice trip, some new furniture, shopping spree, whatever may be your cup of tea!

#BOOM. Easy, right? Give it a shot this year if you’ll be saving up for something. Let me know how it works for you, I’m going to try and do this myself!

*This Thrifty Thursday was brought to you by a find on Pinterest. Pinterest-your new addiction, just try it & see!*

Thanks for the read, have a GREAT day! :]


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