Make It Monday!: Mirror Re-do

Ok so I had this lime green mirror in my room that went great when I first got it a few years ago with the stuff in my bedroom, but now pretty much matches nothing…


I was feeling crafty the other day and decided to repaint this mirror to match the colors of the living room in my apartment that I’m sharing with two friends (brown and turquoise).

I saw on Pinterest that you can put saran wrap on whatever you’re painting to avoid having to tape everything. Since part of the painting I’d be doing was outside and it was a little windy, I put saran wrap on the mirror, then blue painter’s tape on the edges to keep it in place and be sure that I wouldn’t get paint on the mirror.

I sprayed basic white paint that I found in my garage onto the mirror to use as a primer. I believe it was just basic outdoor/indoor furniture paint that we had used to paint some outdoor furniture at one point. This paint specified that it would stick to plastic, wood, etc. I would recommend double checking the paint that you use as a primer to make sure that it will in fact stick to what you plan to use it on.

mirror 2

After painting it white, I let it sit outside to dry for about thirty minutes. Then I came in and painted it with basic acrylic paint (just the kind you can find at Walmart or Hobby Lobby for about a dollar). To paint the brown on, I just used a flat synthetic hair brush (came in a basic, cheap package of brushes from Hobby Lobby), simply because I wanted a more textured look-careful if you do this though, I found the lil bristles can be a pain in the butt because they’ll come off and stick in the wet paint. After the paint dried, I rubbed steel wool on the wedges and across the surface to give it more of a roughed up look. To finish it off, I lightly brushed mod podge onto the outside of the mirror as a finisher glaze.

mirror 3

And voila! Super easy and cheap-you could do something similar to any decoration or piece of furniture. Let me know of some other things you have done if you’ve done any similar crafts or remodeling adventures! Thanks for the read! :]


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