Make It Monday: Chevron Print

Hello fellow crafters and bloggers! Already so thanks to Pinterest I have developed an affinity for chevron. I am an not exactly artistically gifted, so I make do with stencils and drawing with pencil first. If you are like me and love chevron, but can’t draw straight lines to save your life-I have the fix for you!

Ok so I made up this easy way to draw chevron on pretty much anything. First determine how big you want your pattern-I tend to like the thicker print more (plus its easier to make). Using a ruler draw straight lines horizontally based on how large you want your print. For this example, I just used the width of the ruler.

make chevron

Once you have made your horizontal lines, you’re going to make vertical lines on top of that. Decide how up and down your want your chevron and draw equally spaced vertical lines. For this example, I just used the width of the ruler.

make chevron 2

Now you should have a bunch of little boxes all over your surface. Go from corner to corner in each box, making a diagonal line sloping down in the first box, sloping up in the next-continue this pattern until you the edge of your surface.

make chevron 3

Congratulations-you made chevron!! Now just fill it in with whatever color(s) you so choose to use! Below are two examples of chevron imprinted decorations that I’ve made using this method. I recommend just using a pencil because whether you paint or use markers, etc., the pencil should be covered up no problem.

make chevron 4   make chevron 5 make chevron 6

Thanks for the read! Happy Crafting!  :]


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