My Saturday Night Date

Sooooo…there’s this guy. He’s kind of great. He’s actively pursuing me and loves me unconditionally. He knows the good, the bad and the ugly about me and still loves me. He wants the best for me. He wants to have a growing and strong relationship with me. His name is Jesus.

Bet you thought this was going to take a whole different direction….gotcha!! But, I’m serious. I had a date with Jesus tonight and let me tell, it was quite lovely. He showed me the beauty in the world around me. A gorgeous sunset (one of my favorite things in the whole wide world). A nice breeze. Purple and pink clouds. The sound of the birds and bugs around me (yes bugs, I’m from Texas and its August, what do you expect haha). Great big trees. A little stream. Ducks walking around. An older couple holding hands talking an evening walk. Simple day to day things that we take for granted and have a tendency to just pass by.

jesus date

I’ve recently started to call my daily quiet times my dates with Jesus. Now hear me out before you click away from this page and think “this chicks a weirdo”. The Bible calls us the bride and Christ our bridegroom. He is pursuing us as a man pursues a woman. Even knowing every detail about us and what our innermost thoughts, hearts desires and motives are, still loves us unconditionally. He wants to talk to us daily. He wants to rescue us and be that knight in shining armor that every little girl dreams about. He died to save us. He is our hero time and time again. He wants to spend quality time with us and romance us and have us fall in love with him. He want us to enjoy and experience the life that he has given us. I got to thinking, that daily time we spend with him is like a date. Our Jesus date.

I’m in the process of reading “Captivating” by. Stasi and John Eldredge (ladies, if you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and go get it…like right now!). And it talks about how Christ romances us. I didn’t fully understand this concept, but I’m beginning to grasp it more. Jesus wants to get to know us more. He wants us to have a relationship with him. He wants us to fall in love with him. All we have to do is let him into our lives! He’s waiting for the ok and the invitation (’cause he’s a gentleman like that).

I’m 20 years old and a college junior. Society, friends and family are telling me to go out on dates and be husband hunting before college is over and I’m in the real world where it’s harder to meet people. Between you and me, that thought scares the crud out of me. Not to say that I wouldn’t welcome a relationship right now, I’m just so not ready to get married today. I kind of have the mentality that if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen in God’s timing. Nonetheless though, boys are still something that’s on my mind (what can I say, I’m a girl, sorry bout ya).  I’m learning to balance waiting for God’s timing and actually acting on my feelings and not just sitting there.

As much as I would love for some dude to just come up and be like “hey, Rachel, I really like you and I think you’re really cool and you love Jesus too, do you want to hang out?”, I realize this is an unrealistic dream and that I may actually have to come out of my shell and ya know flirt or something, because much to my demise boys can’t read my mind and know that I like them back (although it would make my life a whole lot easier if they did). I am quite possibly the most oblivious girl I know when it comes to boys and am totally out of my element when it comes to the boy-girl, back and forth, flirting games and tactics. I’m learning (thanks to God, friends and “Captivating”) that I do need to come out of my shell a little more and not be afraid to show my emotions, not just when it comes to boys, but in all areas of my life.

So until a boy decides he’d like to step up to the plate and try and handle this hot mess of a life, I will very gladly spend my Saturday nights with the man who loves me the most in the whole world, because you know he thinks we’re to die for (lil Christian humor for ya there).

When was the last time you had a Jesus date? When was the last time you went and sat by yourself with a Bible and notebook and expected to hear from God? When was the last time you just went for a walk alone and prayed?

I challenge you do so!

Spend some time with your Creator. He loves you and wants to spend some quality time with you besides Sunday mornings or when you’ve hit rock bottom. He’ll show up and reveal something about himself or about you, I can promise you that!
Thanks for the read! Tell me something God has shown you recently! 🙂


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