College Problems

So one of the trending items in Pinterest and the hash tag world is college probs. Well I decided to peruse them and find a few of my favorites and validate these unfortunately true statements.

Its almost mid semester, which means test city! Projects due, journal entries, discussion boards, papers, etc. etc. Basically, fun stuff right?! College is awesome, but there are those lil quirks that we’ll look back and laugh about someday, but for now…we sadly laugh and say yyyeppp. Here’s a few:

Oh, this is supposed to be a college problem? I'm a high school junior.. Huh. 
But for real…

college problems #350 
Story of pretty much any on campus event.

college problems
That constant battle of wanting to go home because you miss home and feel like you’re missing out when you’re at school, but every weekend you do go home you feel like you’re missing out on everything back at school and people snapchat, facetime, text you what you’re missing out on (cough cough-yall know who you are).
College problems 31
Thought it was just because I lived on the third floor the past two years and therefore took as few of trips up and down as possible, but now that I live on the first floor, turns out nope, I’m just a lil lazy.
College Problem
College Problems
Unfortunately…sleep comes out victorious yet again.
College Problems
Nuff said.
College Problem #972: Or in my case, Chicago construction. Which goes on during the night even if you have exams. Ugh.
Learn to love the sound of a sledge hammer and truck backing up in the morning! If your campus doesn’t have construction yet…just wait, it shall come. Just think how beautiful it will be when it’s done (despite the fact you will have already graduated).
college problems
Shout out to the Military History Exam I took last week!
i feel like these college problems are from a Corban student
Darn you cookie lady who walks around with hot, fresh cookies! And why must the pizza line be the shortest?!

Welp there’s a few! Comment some of your favs. And to all my fellow collegiates (not sure if that’s a word, but we’re rolling with it because Rachel’s got sassy pants on today, and I did just refer to myself in the third person-no shame)-stay strong!! Christmas break is coming! Keep on keepin’ on! Take a break, get into shenanigans, go roam Wal-Mart at 2 AM, have a movie night, prank your neighbors…just don’t forget to eventually do your homework! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. Praying for all yall, hit me up if there’s something specific I can pray about.
Have an aye que fabulousa weekend! 🙂


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