Make It Monday: Picture Holder

Hello world! Here is my latest Pinterest project. Quite nifty if I do say so myself

What you need:
-a cardboard box-the larger the better (I just used a box getting a TV)
-hot glue gun
-paint (if you so desire)

Alrighty, boys and girls, today we will be making a cardboard picture holder thingy (and yes, that is in fact the technical term) for you to hang up to show off your captured memories.

For starters, get your cardboard box and draw a circle (donut style), as big as you want your picture holder to be. Really, you could cut any shape you wanted out of the cardboard, I just chose a circle. Then, using either scissors or a box cutter (I just used scissors), cut out the circle (pictured below).

craft 1

pic craft 2

Then, if you so choose, proceed to paint the top part and sides of the circle. I wanted mine to match my room and not the white walls, so I chose to paint it, but this is totally where you can let your creativity fly. At this time, go ahead and plug in the ole hot glue gun and let that bad boy start heating up.

pic craft

Once your hot glue gun is locked and loaded, squeeze a dab of the glue onto the inner part of the clothespin and stick in to the back of the cardboard cut out (with the clothespin on the back, the cardboard should still lay relatively flat and you should be able to open and close the clothespin still). Continue doing this around the entire cardboard cut out.

Finally, pick the pictures and stick them in the clothespins. Break out the command strips and slap your masterpiece up on the wall and VOILA! You have a lovely new picture holder in no time at all. This is perfect for college apartments and residence halls. Its super cheap and easy!

pic craft 3
Please ignore the messy bed :]

Happy Crafting! Comment if you have any questions or let me know how yours turned out! Thanks for the read!! 🙂


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