RL Life

Shout out to all my fellow Residential Leaders and Resident Advisors! Found these little ditties and just had to share. Enjoy!

rounds baby

Made this one for quiet hours  #RAproblems #reslife #quiethours #residencehalls

Too True

sad but true...

true life

I love the lanyard twirling!

Most used RL Catch Phrases:
-Have you talked to your roommate about this?
-Have you tried talking to your professor?
-Hey guys, ____ this weekend!
-Hey sorry, would yall mind keeping it down??
-Hey guys, sorry you can’t have that here.

All jokes aside, we do love the position. It’s not just a job, its your life. Keep up the great work yall! Its almost break, make these last few weeks with your rezzies count! Good luck!


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