Thank You, Sarah!

The other day, I was leaving the Rec Sports Center at my university from working out and headed back to my truck. As I was pulling out, I noticed a sticky note left on my windshield. My first thought was that a friend had left me a note, my second thought was that I had done a jank parking job or something and someone was informing me of their opinion via blue sticky note. Much to my surprise, it was a note stating that from some sweet person named Sarah informing me a truck had hit me then drove off. Sarah left her name and number and said call with questions. Naturally, I got out of the truck and inspected it for where it had been hit. Turns out, there was just a tiny scuff on the driver’s side front bumper. I called Sarah thanking her for leaving the note and seeing what had happened. She then proceeded to tell me that she had filed a statement with the University Police Department about what she had seen just in case I wanted to press charges or file anything. The scuff on my truck was so tiny, it was hardly noticeable. The fact that a) she left me note I found incredibly kind and was very appreciative, but that she b) went the extra mile to go to UPD and inform them of what she had seen proved to me that faith in humanity is restored. People are all around good. When the world is crumbling to bits as it seems and you’ve lost faith in people, remember there are people like Sarah out there that are genuinely good and kind hearted. So to Sarah, I saw thank you! Let’s not let the chain of love end here, yall, let’s keep it going!


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