Crunching Leaves

Today I reflected on the little things. Those little blessings throughout the week that God throws down right when you need them. I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s the simple, little things that matter the most and make life worth it. The little things about a person’s day and about a person have always been my favorite. It’s these little, shining moments that can turn your mood around and make your day. Despite the fact that this week has been nuts and kind of up and down, these little things have made it an overall success of a week. Here are a few of my little blessings I’ve been able to smile about.

crunchy leaves

Sunshine. Sunsets. Cool breezes. Starry nights. Crunching leaves. Cloudy, cold days inside with the roommates watching a movie. Time to craft and blog. Tootsie Roll wars. Random shenanigans. Swinging at the playground on a late afternoon. Laughing with friends. Late nights up talking. Kind words and compliments. Validation from your boss. Wal-Mart trips to look at the Christmas section. Fellowship with friends. Laughter in general. Discovering the local convenient store now carries Peace Tea. Hearing from an old friend. Being able to help someone. Someone saying thank you and really meaning it.  Sunsets. Snapchat. Kids sending you a message saying they miss you and cant wait to see you. Jamming out to Backstreet Boys and Whitney Houston. Driving with the windows down on a pretty day. Hugs. Being able to break out the scarves and jackets. Finding new ways to trip on something or just plain embarrass yourself in general. Discovering the joy of being able to laugh at yourself when you do embarrass yourself. Learning new, interesting material in a class you enjoy. Funny stories. Catching your favorite song just as it starts on the radio. Crunchy leaves. Acting like an over grown kid. Crunching these crunchy leaves all the way to class. Kicking a pile of leaves on the curb. Dramatically lip singing in public and not caring whose watching. Singing one of your favorite songs during worship at church. Worshipping alongside classmates. Seeing former classmates at church for the first time.

crunchy leaves 2

I’ve found if you learn to love these simple things, you’ll appreciate life much more. Also, learning to laugh at yourself, not take life too seriously and act like a big kid makes life a whole lot more fun. Next time you see a pile of leaves or see a solo crunchy leaf, go ahead-step on that bad boy and smile. Look up at the sky and marvel at the beauty that God’s placed around you. Marvel at everything He’s done. Find something to be thankful for each day. Smile-it increases your face value!


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