Operation World: Tanzania

Operation World is a book by Jason Mandryk. In it, he breaks down the world and gives facts and ways to pray for each country. I bought the book awhile back, but have been awful about keeping up with it, therefore, I am going to begin reading and praying through it and posting a synopsis of each country and encourage you to pray alongside me!



Population: 45,039,573
Life expectancy: 55 years
Dominant people group: Bantu-86.3%
Income/person: $520 (1% of USA)
Percentage of Christians: 54.07%
Dominant Religion: Christian, followed by Muslim
*There is religious freedom and religious harmony is remarkably high.
The economy is very much agriculturally based, but the nation is very poor. For 50 years, Tanzania has remained stable and there has been little to no internal conflict. AIDS continues to spread and affect many.

How To Pray:
1-Pray that the government be able to maintain the stability and balance that is beginning to be rocked.
2-Pray for the widespread and systematic poverty.
3-Pray for growth of the churches.
4-Pray for the continual growth, increased maturity and unity between Pentecostals and other evangelicals.
5-Pray for the continuing of the discipleship and impact of the Christian population.
6-Pray for leadership development and theological training through theological schools, training courses, and the teaching of current leaders.
7-Pray for national initiatives for reaching the country, ex: research on Tanzania’s ethnic groups, national church planting strategies, and indigenous missions.
8-Pray for their young population and groups reaching out to making ministry to youth and children essential.
9-Pray for the unfinished task of reaching the borders of Tanzania and all its people (Zanzibar, Muslim peoples, Inland peoples, Mozambique, and the South Asian community).
10-Pray that the missionaries there continues to play a vital role.
11-Pray for support for these missionaries through Bible translation, Christian literature, missionary aviation, Christian radio, the JESUS film, and GRN.


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