Operation World: Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago


Population: 1, 343, 725
Life Expectancy: 69.2 years
Dominant people group: Indo-Trinidadian-40%
Income/person: $19, 870 (42% of USA)
Percentage of Christians: 65.59%
Dominant Religion: Protestant Christian
*There is religious freedom for all.
Oil and gas are very important to the economy. Low inflation, trade surpluses and a growing tourist sector make the Caribbean economy stronger. Growing troubles with drugs is increasing and becoming a problem.

How to Pray:
1-They are facing many social challenge with increasing crime and gang violence associated with the illicit drug trade. Alcoholism, kidnapping, armed robbery, and theft are dangerously common. Pray that righteous and effective solutions might be found through both the public and faith sectors.
2-The nation’s racial diversity is divided. Inter-ethnic harmony is hindered by racially aligned politics among Hindus, Muslims and some “Christians”. Pray that churches would be instruments of reconciliation and demonstrate that all are one in Christ.
3-Christianity is professed by nearly two-thirds of the population, but true disciples faithful to God’s Word are not so common. Pray hat purity and passion might be restored across all denominations and thank God for the minority who do live to please God.
4-The Christian Church is very fragmented among traditional denominations that are rapidly declining, newer evangelical groups and a constantly multiplying swarm of single congregations. Pray that the desire for unity in the body of Chris might overcome the still-pervasive divisions.
5-Christian impact on students remains widespread. Pray that the freedom to minister the gospel in schools will be utilized to a greater degree.
6-Cross-cultural vision is quite small but growing. Pray that groups like YWAM, WBT, and OM continue to mobilize and send workers.
7-The South Asia community, largely originating from North India, is the largest non-Christian group in the Caribbean. Pray that these communities can be reached.
8-Pray for the Christian ministries there:
a). Theological training
b). Christian literature; CLC
c). Christian radio and TV programmes; pray for locally relevant materials and programs to be developed

*All information from Jason Mandryk’s Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation*


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