Hope for the Planners

During my morning Jesus date, I stumbled across something.

For all you plan ahead kind of people out there-there is hope! I repeat, THERE IS HOPE.

I am a planner.
I have a color coded agenda.
I try and lay my clothes out and get my school stuff together the night before and have done so since elementary school (yeah I’m that guy).

Now I’m not saying I’m one of those people that flips their lid when things don’t go according to plan. No, I’m pretty chill about things and can be flexible but I do like to have a rough outlook on kind of what my day might look like. That’s where the big man upstairs and I have some falling out moments.

God don’t give you a schedule for the day. Or your life. Which would be nice sometimes. Just sayin.

The Bible tells us time and time again that God’s plans will prevail and to take life moment by moment and don’t brag about tomorrow. I feel like I fail God because I do try and plan short term future, as in my day or my week and I dream up ideas for long term future. He’s really shown me to not even be set on plans you have for your day, an hour, even a minute! He can literally change it in a second.

The verse I stumbled across this morning kind of put me at ease with things. And without further ado, here it is *drum roll please*

You can make plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. -Proverbs 19:21

Boom. For such a small verse nestled in there in chapter 19, it sure does pack a punch.

To me this verse is saying that it is ok for us to make plans-the verse explicitly states we can make plans and that’s totally fine BUT ultimately the Lord’s purpose will prevail. You can have that rough outline or color codes detailed out plan for you fellow type A people, but we have to be ok to roll with the flow when God changes those plans. We have to be willing to go with His plan.

I don’t think God wants us to just sit around twiddling our thumbs, He wants us to be doing something. Living life. Make plans. Take chances. Strive to live the life you want and in the end the Lord’s plan is going to play out in your life and guess what-it is going to be legit!!

blog-prov 19 21

So fellow planners, breathe easy today! You’re not screwing up by planning, you only mess up if you flip a table or throw a chair or deliberately disobey God by not letting His plans prevail (and I wouldn’t suggest flipping tables or throwing chairs, you could break something and ain’t nobody got time for dem lawsuits or fines). Have a wonderful day reader and I hope God shines a lil light on you today and reveals something to you!


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