God is Bigger Than *insert noun here*

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how big God is. It’s hit me that we stress and worry about these miniscule things when in reality, God is big enough to have it under control.

Have you ever stopped and thought about just how big God is?

Who else has held the oceans in his hand? Who has measured off the heavens with his fingers? Who else knows the weight of the earth or has weighed the mountains and hills on a scale? Who is able to advise the Spirit of the Lord? Who knows enough to give him advice or teach him?
-Isaiah 40:12-13

He holds the oceans in his hands as if they were mere drops of water. He measures the heavens with his fingers. He knows how much the earth weighs as well as each mountain, hill, etc. He advises the one who advises us. He teaches the one who teaches us. I just can’t even wrap my brain around this.

Who determined its dimensions and stretched out the surveying line? What supports its foundations, who laid its cornerstone as the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy? Who kept the sea inside its boundaries as it burst from the womb. and as I clothed it with clouds and wrapped it in thick darkness? -Job 38:5-9

God determined the dimensions of the earth, he laid the blueprint. He, himself built the earth. I’m not even sure I could even build a measly shed all on my own. God is bigger than anything we could imagine. He literally holds the universe in the palm of his hand. Picture that for a minute. Try and grasp this concept as best as you can.

In my Jesus date today, I read through Romans 5 and Psalm 42-43. Romans 5 talks about how faith can bring us joy. In verse 2, it points out that we have an undeserved privilege to stand in Christ and goes on to discuss how we can rejoice in this in verse 3. Verse 6 is where it really hit home for me: When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. Notice what it says: at just the right time. Goldilocks style-not too soon, not too late, but at juuuust the right timing. This reinstates that God’s timing is perfect, including when He will choose to save us. God’s got this. He knows what He’s doing. Psalm 42 and 43 beg the question-why do we worry or become discouraged?

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hop in God! I will praise him again-my Savior and my God! -Psalm 42:5, 11; Psalm 43:5

In these two chapters in Psalm, we see David’s inner struggle with himself illustrated. It reminds me of the Disney movie, Tangled, where Rapunzel is conflicted with her decision to leave the tower against her mother’s will. We are much the same; we are conflicted with ourselves and become discouraged when life doesn’t go according to our plan. Trust me-been there, done that-the whole first few weeks of this semester. But, that’s just it-when life doesn’t go according to our plan.

God has a plan and it will come together at just the right time as we see in Romans 5, He’s big enough to do so (as we saw in the above scripture references), so why get discouraged-put your hope in the God.


I am so bad about worrying and wondering about silly little things when really God’s got this. He always has. Looking back at different points of my life, I can see the red letter moments where God was present and took care of things even when I doubted him, myself, or had no confidence in myself and the situation. These past few weeks, I’ve marveled at the bigness of God. I sound like a broken record saying this because I’ve said it umpteen million times on this blog, but I am awful about taking life into my own hands. Its easy to get caught up in what society and peers say or what you think you’re life should look like. I’m so worried that I’ll miss an opportunity or miss what God had in store for me. I get terrified that I’ll miss something that God might have had planned, when in reality this is an incredibly irrational fear. God is big enough to intervene, and no doubt-He will. I have gained such a peace lately with the knowledge that God can and will step in at any time. God’s a pretty big guy with just a little bit power at His fingertips (understatement of the century). Whenever we are living in accordance with what He wants, or trying to keep with His plan-He will step in and make something happen. Or, on the flip side, make something not happen if He sees you’re about to do something that would not be best for you or a part of His design for your life. He created the world, constructed the universe, holds it in the palm of His hand, and knew you before you were even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye-I think He can handle the tiny things going on here on Earth, as well as the biggies happening in your life right now and down the road. I’m learning to grasp this idea, and come with childlike awe at His size and power.


So like one of my favorite Veggie Tales songs says, God is bigger than the boogey man. He’s bigger than anything that has the potential to scare us, whether it be the future, the present, school, work, etc. He’s bigger than anything you can think up right now. God is big enough to make you do whatever it is He wants you to do. God is big enough to step in and make things happen. So, as the song states-know that God is the biggest and He’s watching all the while, so when you get scared, just think of Him and close your eyes and smile. God’s got things under control!

Thanks for the read!


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