Operation World: Vanuatu

Republic of Vanuatu

Population: 245, 786
Life Expectancy: 69.9 years
Dominant People Group: Ni-Vanuata-91.9%
Income/person: $2,442 (5% of USA)
Percentage of Christians: 94.08%
Dominant Religion: Protestant Christian
*There is religious freedom.*
Vanuatu is the third poorest nation in the Pacific. They are heavily dependent on agriculture and tourism, but both of these industries are vulnerable to the climate changes. Politically, they are stable with a Parliamentary system and prime minister. There is a relatively low literacy rate amongst the peoples here.

Answers to Prayer:
1. Thousands have turned to Christ. The number of religious cults is depleting and many are turning to Christ.
2. The rededication of Vanuatu to the Lord occurred May 14, 2006 at the 400th anniversary of naming the South Pacific Islands the “Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit.”

How to Pray:
1. Vanuatu’s motto is “In God We Stand”. Pray that leaders of this complex little nation may be examples in doing so.
2. The Protestant Church is numerically strong. Revival is occurring in some of the islands, but many are still stagnant. Pray for church planting missions and for training future leaders in the Bible colleges/schools in Vanuatu.
3. The spiritual challenges for Christians:
a-Small pockets of traditional ethnic religion remain on several islands. Cargo cults are persistent.
b-Culture and the gospel. Pray that Vanuatu believers would be guided rightly in what parts of the customs of the people can be redeemed and what parts must be set aside.
c-The increasing influx of other faiths. Pray that truth be made manifest and for ni-Vanuatu to hold fast to the life they found in Christ.
d-Pray for the deeper grasp of the Christian faith .
4. Christian media:
a-Bible translation is needed.
b-Audio Scriptures are essential in a country with low literacy rates.
c-The Jesus film is widely shown.
d-Vanuatu Christian Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day.

*All information from Jason Mandryk’s Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation*


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