Sunset Synopsis

As we drove home last night, I marveled at the sunset, as I typically tend to do. I got to thinking how in these beautiful little moments, God ceases to amaze me. I look up and think how can there not be a God? There’s so much beauty and attention to detail in His masterpiece. This particular night, I was able to watch an entire sunset from beginning to end.

*Disclaimer: Heads up, y’all, you may want to get out the ladders now because I’m about to get real deep.*

I observed that as the sun begins to set, the sky is very yellow-y (yes that is the technical term) and blue. It’s pretty in its starting stages of descent. Then as it sinks lower into the horizon, the sky gets more orange-ish/yellow and the clouds seem to glow. As the evening continues on, the sun disappearing bit by bit, the sky seems more coral/orange/red, but if you turn around, the sky opposite the sun is blue-ish purple. In its last stages of visibility, the sun makes the sky a bright beautiful reddish color with purple and dark blues lingering above. It’s in these final stages that it seems most magnificent. At the end, the hype of color is gone and its almost a disappointment, but if you wait soon you see the stars and now there’s an all new, yet equally as beautiful sky to look at.

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I feel like life is a lot this. Something starts out intriguingly beautiful in its beginning stages, then as it gets deeper the beauty and awesomeness of the situation intensifies. In the last leg, we think there can be nothing better. When it ends, there is disappointment for a brief moment, then something else comes along to capture our attention.

God makes everything happen in its own time, as it says in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for everything. God has built this amazing, beautiful world for us. If we take a step back and look at his architecture every now and then, it is clearly evident. Just like sunsets, there are stages to the life He’s built for us and each stage comes to an end, but there’s more after. Sunsets are always changing and our lives are always changing. Even after the stars begin to disappear at night, the sun starts to rise, and again comes something new.

God’s really been showing me lately how big He is and this is just more evidentiary support (Legally Blonde reference anyone??) to His claims.

For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God. -Hebrews 3:4

God has built everything. As the song and verse above state, he is the architect of our lives. As with building a house, there are stages to the building project, even when its done, there are renovations and add-ons for the entirety of the home’s life. Same with us-God is building us and constantly changing us. We all go through changes and stages of life, and when one comes to an end, it is not a disappointment or end, but just means that God has something new and equally as beautiful waiting for you.

As previously stated, sunsets are always changing and our lives are always changing. Just as no two sunsets night after night are the same, none of our lives are the same. I’m horrible about comparing my life timeline to others (I think its those annoying girl genes). None of our lives follow the same timeline and playbook. God has an agenda and different plan for each of us and nobody’s lives are going to look identical.

In conclusion to this horribly rambled on post (I do apologize for any jumping around your brain had to do), God is the architect of our lives and He’s in the process are building some pretty spectacular works of greatness in you. Don’t compare your life to someone else’s, God likes to change it up every now and then too, keeps things fresh and interesting that way. Go check out a sunset, starry night or sunrise sometime and give yourself a minute to just sit and marvel at what God can do and the beauty and the grace of His architecture!


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