Operation World: Yemen



Population: 24, 255, 928
Life Expectancy: 62.5 years
Dominant People Group: Arab-97%
Income/person: $1, 171 (2% of USA)
Percentage of Christians: .08%
Dominant Religion: Muslim-99.92%
Islam is the official religions and the legal system is based on shari’a law. Yemen is the poorest Arab country. It is oil-poor, but oil still provides 75% of foreign earnings. There is a long-established presidential government with a measure of democracy, but the current political situation is fragile. A low intensity internal war plagues Yemen.

Answers to Prayer:

1. Increasing numbers have encountered Jesus, despite difficult circumstances from culture, religion and families.

How to Pray:

1. Yemen has suffered almost unending conflict over the last four decades with varying wars, skirmishes, and tribal rivalries. Pray for a fair government that will bring a national unity and peace.
2. Yemen’s future stability is fragile due to religious and political tensions, dwindling resources, and one of the world’s highest birthrates. Pray for new means and methods for this nation to care for the survival of its economy and people. Also, pray that any future inevitable foreign involvement act in a responsible and wise manner.
3. Yemen was once famous for frankincense, myrrh, and coffee, but now the mild narcotic qat dominates agriculture. Pray for attempts to alleviate negative side effects of over usage of qat, poor health care, low levels of education and economic underdevelopment.
4. Christianity once had a strong presence, but was wiped out by the 7th century Muslim conquest. Pray that it is once again instilled.
5. Pray for the transformation of the openly believing in Jesus families.
6. Most Christians in Yemen are expatriates. Pray that they may maintain spiritual growth amid discouragement, sickness, isolation, and constant threats to their presence in the land.
7. Opportunities for expatriates to serve God are varied. Pray for more believers who are willing to live and serve sacrificially and lovingly in this difficult land.
8. Yemen is one of the world’s least evangelized countries. Pray that salvation comes to the northern tribes, the southern Yemenis, the Tihama Arabs, the Hadhramaut, the Mahri, the Socotra islanders, Yemeni women, children, south Asians in the area, and Somalis living in Yemen.
9. Pray for Christian media through Bible translation and distribution, the JESUS film, and Christian Radio.

*All information is taken from Jason Mandryk’s Operation World: A Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation.*


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