Education Major Probs. Volume 1, First Edition

Those of you who are teachers or who are bravely about to enter to the world of education-shout out to ya!!

I am just embarking on my second semester as a junior-pre block as it is called in my department, meaning I am the semester before student observations and two semesters before student teaching. I will have the adventure of 20 hours of field experience this semester as well as aiding some young mind with their reading ventures through one of my classes. As I get further into the Teacher Education Program, I have come up with these few education major problems that I hope you fellow educators might sympathize with, I’m sure there will be many more to come…

#1: When you tell people you want to be a teacher and they ask why.

#2: When you tell people you want to be a teacher and they laugh and say you won’t make any money.

#3: When you tell people you want to teach middle school or high school and they look puzzled or say you’re brave and crazy.

#4: When you tell people you are an education major they say “ahhh ok”, like something now makes sense.

#5: Your Pinterest time has gone from looking at “fun stuff” to teacher-y things (which you now think is fun).

#6: You see a children’s books and automatically think how you could use it in different content areas and what activities you could do with it.

#7: Anything you sit through where you are learning something, you are taking mental notes on their teaching style and thinking about what you would do the same or different, and thinking about how the presenter is hitting different learning styles.

#8: You are aware of your own learning style and how your own brain works.

#9: You feel the need to hoard extra school supplies and craft supplies.

#10: All your class finals now are some sort of project or case study.

#11: There are stray books, crayons, etc. rolling around the back of your car.

#12: You catch yourself observing kids you are around, be it nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. to see where they would be on a learning curve, or you find yourself treating them like a teacher would, not normal a human being.

#13: You and education major friends just sit and talk shop now, not typical college topics.

#14: You have caught yourself correcting grammar in your head when reading Facebook posts.

#15: You have become the unofficial research paper editor amongst your friends (but you secretly don’t mind because it’s practice for the future).

#16: All of your education classes have markers available to take notes with (because those professors understand you) and it’s slightly disappointing when any non-education class you take does not offer the same service.

#17: Some days your content area related classes inspire to want to teach, while your education classes make you want to run and hide. And vice versa.

#18: People think your major is super easy and don’t understand why you get worried or stressed.

#19: You want to color code everything when organizing.

#20: You might just cry if you lost your planner.

Like I said, stay tuned, the second edition is not far off. As much as we complain, we do love it though!!



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