Single Does NOT Mean Sad

Alright, this one goes out to the single sistas and misters that be mopey about their singleness.

Being a blogger, I’ve read a lot of blogs. Being single, I’ve read a lot of blogs about being a single Christian. Lately, they have all been super depressing and winey about being single. PEOPLE. Enjoy your singleness! That is a gift God has given you. A time in your life to learn and grow in Him until someday if He decides to open up the door to a relationship for you.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I would want a relationship and why I would want to get married. I just got to thinking one day and God really hit me with ok Rachel you’ve prayed about finding a husband and that God would let you know when that time comes and you’ve prayed for your future husband, but why?? Why do you want to be married? Why do you want a relationship? God’s been really laying these questions on my heart. He’s shown me that in the past that where I held a place for a guy was where God should be. I wanted a relationship to be able to love someone and be loved and pursued in return. I wanted to spend my life with my best friend with a marriage based around our love for each other and love for Jesus, and have that life full of laughter, grow old together, sit on the front porch and watch the grandkids kind of life. Not necessarily a bad answer, yet still a slap in the face to God. This is God’s spot. I’m already being unconditionally loved and pursued by Christ. It’s a slap to Jesus to desire so deeply to be pursued when I’m already being loved and pursued. Jesus is my best friend and the one I should be seeking to do life with Him at my side, not sitting here waiting around on some man. I was putting the thought of a guy and a relationship in God’s seat.

After much praying and God working on my heart, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is why I want a relationship/marriage: I want to do life with someone, in pursuit of glorifying God through our life together. If He brings this type of relationship into my life, its because for some reason, we are more effective and powerful in furthering the gospel and the kingdom together than separately and individually. A marriage should be almost an informal discipleship-you doing life together with a common goal-growing and learning together, keeping each other accountable, pushing and encouraging each other along the way. Not to say that I don’t want my husband to be my best friend and don’t want to be in love with Him and want all those things I listed above, but the basis of the marriage shouldn’t be these things.

I’m sure these views will grown and change, but this is where I’m at and what God’s revealing to me now.
So my single peeps-QUIT MOPING! God will bring that relationship into your life when He’s ready and when He knows you’re ready (and hate to break it to ya, I’ve learned this the hard way too, but if you’re wining about being single, chances are you are not ready for a real, Godly relationship headed for marriage anyway), or He will let you know when to make a move and let that special someone you have your eye on (you know who I’m talking, I bet their face just popped in your head), that you in fact are interested in getting to know them better or enter into a relationship with them. Until then, start praying about it if you haven’t already. Pray that God will show you why He wants you to have a relationship or better yet not have a relationship right now. Ecclesiastes 3 talks about how there is a time for everything, that means a time to be learning and growing in God, so do that! Like now. What’s holding you back? What is stopping you from doing that? Grow closer to your creator, your life giver, your Savior! And if He has it planned for your life, He will open the door to a relationship.


As cheesy as the picture above is…#TRUTH. Meet Jesus. Meet the gospel. Meet God’s plan for you.



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