The Big Dinner

YOU’RE INVITED!! Come hang out with Jesus and his disciples! Time: Dinner Time Place: Jerusalem, Mary and Martha’s Crib For more details consult Luke 10:38-42 RSVP with Martha! See ya there! 🙂

jonah hill meme

Alrighty so many of you are probably somewhat familiar with the story of Mary and Martha. If not , let me set the scene for you. Jesus and his disciples are going about, doin’ their thang, when they find themselves in Jerusalem and they meet ole Martha who invites them into her home. If I had to guess, I would say our dear friend Martha here was the older sister, Type A, and a stress-er. Whereas her younger sister Mary, introduced in verse 39, is the younger one, more carefree. Now, I’d say it is safe to assume that we have all met people like these two (or maybe you identify a little too much with one or the other…not that I am guilty of that or anything…). We find Mary right off the bat sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening intently. Martha, it says in verse 40 was worrying over the big dinner. Here comes this amazing opportunity and she’s so worried about getting it right and getting the preparations in order. I have a confession, I am Martha. I have been so worried about “the big dinner”-my looming and approaching future that has just seemed to have been invited over. I’m a senior, and if you read my last post, you kind of know where I’m at with this. It’s like my life has arrived and I’m still so busy trying to get things order and get myself ready for the future, when my life (doing what Jesus wants me to do) has been right here the whole time. Getting what I think I need to get ready and preparations I thought I needed to make have consumed me.  I forget to look up and, just like Martha, realize Jesus is sitting right here in my living room (well my heart, but you catch my drift). I keep preparing and thinking that God’s about to come and act in my life when He is already here. Like seriously Rachel?! Get. It. Together. I need to quit fussing about the details and sit at His feet and just be in His presence, like Mary. I have read this passage of the scripture a dozen times, and the part about the big dinner just hit me. Like a baseball to the forehead. Martha was distracted by the big dinner that she was preparing for. Jesus tells Martha in verse 42 that there’s only one thing to be concerned with and Mary has found it. Fussing over details only takes away this time from Him. Skip back a few verses to Luke 10:25-28. Jesus lays out basically what you must do to live a life with Him. The man answered, “‘You must love the Lord the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind’. And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'””Right!” Jesus told him. “Do this and you will live!” -Luke 10:27-28 The most important thing is to love the Lord and give your life to Him-heart, soul, mind and strength-the whole shebang. Jesus is the big dinner. There is a time to work, but we need to not forget to sit at the feet of Jesus. After all, God is where we get these marching orders. It’s easy to get wrapped in “preparations” and forget that He’s already here. We get scared and keeping busy we think helps because then you’re not focused on it, but John 20:27 tells us to not be faithless, just believe. We need to quit fussing, just believe. The future or your own personal “big dinner” will come in God’s timing, but for now, how about we just sit at the feet of Jesus and hear what He has to say.


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