College. Whoop Whoop!

Well this chapter of my life is officially coming to a conclusion. With this, I find myself reflecting on my time in the wonderful world of university life. To chronicle this, I thought I would write about what I have learned in college.

Here a list of a few things (in no particular order) I have learned and my pearls of wisdom for the college newbies.

1. You know nothing.
Calm it down, I am not attacking you with words via the Internet. Realize at the start of things how much you DON’T know. Coming into college, you think you’ve got a handle on life. I’m going to warn you right now that you do not. The quicker you learn that, the easier and more fun this time of your life will be. Humbly learn all you can from your parents, professors, advisors and older students on campus. They’ve all been there and done that. Approach this time as a chance to explore and learn. You will fall down. You will screw up. Epically. But, that’s ok! That’s what these four (or more) years are for! So just go with the flow.

2. Caffeine is bae, but Jesus saves.
College: the time of no sleep. It’s all fun and games until you have to wake up for an 8 AM class. College is where you learn the beauty and magnificence of God’s nectar from heaven-coffee. Ok..maybe a little dramatic there. But on the reals, caffeine is great. Also, learn the beauty of coffee shops, and I ain’t talking Starbucks, but the little local joint in your town. Mine has you check in on Facebook to use the Wi-Fi so now everybody and their mother know how often I go there…awkward. #noshame. But more important than coffee is finding that sustaining power that is the gospel. I knew who Jesus was pre-university, but in college I learned to know Him. I learned the extent of Him dying on the cross and coming back to life and what that saving grae looks like to me. I learned to rest in Him and live through Him. I learned what it means to be a disciple. So while caffeine, whether your poison be coffee or Dr. Pepper, Jesus is really what gives life.

3. Don’t be so concerned with keeping a schedule.
Something God wrecked shop with on this Type A planner was sticking to my schedule as if my day depended on it. Go to class and work and make time for homework and whatever else may be important to you, but don’t be afraid of spontaneity or unplanned interruptions throughout the day. Learn the love language of quality time. Hang out for hours on end at a coffee shop or your friends apartment. Act like an overgrown child. Stay up late and watch movies. Alarm clocks were invented for a reason! Take a random road trip to a neighboring area. Make an ice cream or Whataburger run at 1 AM (dem honey butter chicken biscuits though). Don’t forget to have fun and make some memories along the way!

4. Get involved on campus.
Seriously, join something fool! Whether it is Student Government or the Quidditch Team, whatever your thing may be, join it. That is the best way to meet people and make those friendships. College is rough with nobody to do life with. You need those people to sit and do homework with, do random stuff with and just to live life with. College is a weird and awesome point in your life, make the most of it. Try something that’s out of your comfort zone. Step out and be bold. College is the only time where exchanging your phone number and where you live to 15 different people in a day isn’t totally weird. Just do it. Don’t be afraid to show a little school spirit while you’re at it! Join in on those school traditions at least once.

5. Go to the library.
I know…nerd alert *pushes glasses up nose*. Learn to love that place though. Means to do homework. Place to meet with classmates. Free Internet. Its great! It is the best place (and sometimes the only place) where you can get stuff done. Plus there are some really old book there that are kind of awesome.

6. Rock your guilty pleasures. *snap snap*
Own you! Be unashamedly whoever you want to be. The reputation you built in high school and that image your created means nothing in college. Do you boo boo. Whatever your quirk is, own it. I promise, you will find that you are not alone in that guilty pleasure. Plus, thanks to Pinterest and Tumblr, fandoms are totally in right now (shout out to the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Marvel and Narnia lovers of the world). Don’t’ be afraid to be yourself! Listen to your favorite jam. Watch your favorite show or movie. Whatever your thang is-rock it!

7. Keep an open mind and heart.
God used my college experience to show me a lot about Him and a lot about myself. I pray the gospel and Christ’s love is revealed to you and meets you where you are at in college as well, but be open to whatever these few years of your life might hold. Learn something new. Try something different. Fall in love somehow. Learn patience with the ignorant yet opinionated people in your classes. Get to know your roommate, classmates, and professors-they may just end up being some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t be so set in how you used to think or do things. I’m not saying you have to run off and become a hipster liberal college stereotype (I mean unless you want to of course), just learn why you think and believe the way you do.

8. Don’t go home all the time, but don’t burn those bridges.
Stay at school on the weekends you can. Campus is a lot more fun on the weekends and that’s where you really build friendships. On the other hand, don’t totally avoid home. Keep in touch with family and close friends from high school. College shows you just how much you value and appreciate them.

9. Spend a summer doing something you’ve never done.
I spent last summer as a camp counselor and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done (actually going back for round 2 this summer). Study abroad. Take a job you’ve never had. Stay on campus. Whatever!! Just spend those few months doing something new and different and getting outside your bubble.

10. Learn about you and find that independent woman deep inside.
Who are you? What do you like to do? What do you want to spend your life doing? Move out on your own. Find that independence in you. Learn how to be adult. Learn that you can do things like pay rent and change the battery in your car on your own. Its exhilarating learning you can do ting by yourself. Know that you can do this! You will learn to handle life as it comes and live this new stage out. You can do this! Will it be like the movies? No your life will not be like an episode of “Friends”, but it will be so much better, because you know what? It’s real and it’s your uniquely and intricately designed adventure that you get to live out. Embrace it. Celebrate it.

College is fantastic. I have absolutely loved it. Some moments will be better than others, but the good outweighs the bad ten folds when all is said and done. Have fun and good luck!! Please enjoy these cheesy yet true quotes.

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