The Art of Losing Myself

I went to a worship service for college students tonight in Denton, TX. At the end of it, we sang “From the Inside Out”. A song I have sang in church a dozen and one times, but there’s a line in the song that struck me tonight. It says “your will above all else, my purpose remains, the art of losing myself in bringing you praise”,

The art of losing myself. The art. That word choice.

1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form; producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power
2. various branches of creative activity
3. subjects of study primarily concerned with the processes and products of human creativity and social life
4. a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice

Yeah, I looked up the definition, come at me bro. #wordnerd

Losing ourselves to praise God is an art. In a way, it’s all of these definitions of the word. Its an expression and application of praise. It’s not our own creative skill or imagination though, it’s God’s (thus praise). It’s expressed in various means. It’s a process; a beautiful, lifelong process. Its a product, but not of human doings, but of knowing Jesus. It’s acquired through practice, or rather, the daily act.

Romans 7: 22-25 talk about how, as humans, we tend to do the things we hate. We wage battle against our flesh, but praise be to Christ, because He’s won that war. Lamentations 3:22-23 tell us His mercies are new every morning. Because of these new mercies, we have the ability to lose ourselves in this art form. John 3:30 tells us we must decrease and He must increase. Colossians 3:1-7 tells us how we can do so, by stripping off what is messy and putting on what is glorifying.

Losing yourself to Christ; Him increasing while we decrease is an art. It’s a daily expression and application of praise expressed through various moments in life daily. It’s not a one time deal. It’s a daily walk with Jesus. That’s our purpose: Relationship with God through Jesus, glorifying Him. Out of that comes everything else.

I am humbled by the my lack of artistic ability in this department. I’m no Van Gogh when it comes to losing myself to Christ, I feel like I’m still in the finger painting stages. Honestly lately, I have struggled with laziness with God. I could list the reasons why laziness has come about, but they don’t matter. This ugly piece of me right now is inhibiting my daily life with Jesus, as well as allowing me to step into other junk. Just like with any art form, the beauty comes in the progression of the work. The gospel and reminding myself who Jesus is and what He did for me on the cross, as well as resting in the knowledge that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave is living in me is the drive to defeat laziness, or whatever the sin that happens to be tripping me up may be. I know this isn’t a very long, in depth, or deep theological post. Truthfully, this was just for me and writing is the best way for me to gather my thoughts, but nevertheless I hope God uses it to strike a chord with you as He did with me. Strip off whatever is keeping you from Jesus and leave it at the foot of the cross!


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