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Hey there, welcome to the blog!  Here’s a few tid bits about me: College student. Music jammer outer. Avid movie watcher/quoter. Wildflower lover. Word maker-upper. Unashamed geek. Sunset watcher. Sweet tea drinker. Hashtag user. Coffee shop dweller. Someday world traveler (hopefully). Texas roots repper. Gospel driven. Surrendered to the cross. Growing disciple. Jesus lover. Guided by God. Hot mess.

The namesake for the blog came from what keeps me going.
Flip Flops: My preferred footwear.
Jesus: My main man, my Savior, the One I put my trust in, the One who holds my life in His hands, the One who died on the cross to pay for my sins, the One who defeated the grave and is coming back someday, and the One whom I am in a growing relationship with and learning to live completely for.
Dr. Pepper: My energy source to get me through those late nights, early morning classes and middle of the afternoon sleepiness.

Thanks for stopping by, yall come back now ya hear! 🙂


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